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This week Alvaro did a lot of promo for Muero in Barcelona, Brussels and Amsterdam

This week Alvaro Soler has been on promo tour in Europe in order to promote his fantastic hit single Muero. On Tuesday May 30th Alvaro was in Barcelona promoting Muero on the Spanish (Catalan) radio and television. On Wednesday May 31st Alvaro headed to Belgium, more specific to the Belgian capital Brussels, for promo, and on Thursday June 1st Alvaro travelled to the Netherlands, to the Dutch capital Amsterdam, where on Thursday and Friday he continued promo for Muero with the Dutch radio and television. Through this post I'll be giving a detailed overview of all his promo activities this week in Barcelona, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Alvaro's busy promo schedule for Barcelona started with an interview on Tuesday morning to the Catalan radio station Catalunya Radio on their morning show 'El Matí de Catalunya'. On this page you can listen again to Alvaro's interview to Catalunya Radio, in which he revealed that he'll bring out a new album next year!

After that, Alvaro continued to promote his single Muero on the radio station RAC105, on their program Matina, Codina! Watch below his interview

Alvaro's next promo commitment in Barcelona was on the popular Spanish radio station Europa FM, on the afternoon show hosted by DJ Xavi Alfaro. In this interview, Alvaro explains that as for its music style, his single Muero is a synergy of the disco music of the eighties and contemporary music. Watch below Alvaro's interview on Europa FM.

Consecutively, Alvaro gave an interview to the Spanish radio station Cadena Dial, which you can watch below.

And he was interviewed by the Catalan radio station Los 40 Catalunya. See below for the interview.

Finally, Alvaro rounded off his promo day in Barcelona with an appearance on the Catalan TV show Planta Baixa, aired on TV3 channel. Watch on this page Alvaro's interview on Planta Baixa.

Belgium was the next stop on Alvaro's promo tour this week. On Wednesday May 31st Alvaro had an intense interview marathon in Brussels to present Muero on the Belgian radio.

In the morning, Alvaro started promo on the popular Flemish radio station QMusic in Vilvoorde (a suburb of Brussels). Watch on this page his interview to QMusic, where Alvaro tells us a bit more about the content of Muero, and rates 3 Belgian songs.

Then Alvaro passed by the studio of the Flemish radio station Joe Radio, where he talked about Muero and about his relationship to Belgium in a nice interview. In addition to that, he played Muero live on the guitar at the Joe studio, backed by his guitarist and musical director David Le Maitre.

On this page you can watch Alvaro's interview on Joe Radio.

And watch below his acoustic performance of Muero on Joe.

And see below for some photos of Alvaro's visit to Joe Radio.

After Joe Radio, Alvaro headed to the studio of the Flemish radio station Radio 2 in Brussels for an interview on their afternoon program 'Radio 2 Spits' presented by David Van Ooteghem. In this encounter, Alvaro tells about his special connection with Belgium, and about which sports he practises, and after that, he arm-wrestles with the radio presenter, but unfortunately, he loses. Listen here again to Alvaro's interview to Radio 2.

Apart from doing an interview, Alvaro delivered a great acoustic live performance of Muero on Radio 2, which you can watch again on the Radio 2 Facebook page.

Finally, at the end of the day Alvaro played Muero acoustically on the Belgian (Francophone) radio station Radio Contact in Brussels. See below for the video of his performance.

Credits video: Youtube Channel BdDaniel

On Thursday June 1st, Alvaro continued his international promo tour to Amsterdam, where among other promo commitments he gave a wonderful acoustic showcase for the Dutch music program 'The Tower Tapes', which took place at the offices of the label Sony Music Netherlands. During this small but amazingly good acoustic concert, Alvaro performed 'Solo Para Ti', 'Muero', 'En Tu Piel', and 'La Cintura.' Here's the complete video of his performance.

On Friday June 2nd, Alvaro went on with promo in the Dutch capital. Before noon, he gave an interview to the Dutch radio talk show 'Lunch Lekker' (which means: Enjoy your meal) presented by Daniel Dekker on NPO Radio 5. In this interesting interview, Alvaro describes in detail the process of creating 'Muero', as well as the message behind the song.

As well as on NPO Radio 5, Alvaro was also guest on the popular Dutch radio station QMusic NL. On their radio show Stephan's Pianobar, he played Muero and Sofía acoustically. Watch here the videos of this performance.

On Friday night, Alvaro was guest on the Dutch talk show 'RTL Talk Show', hosted by Eva Jinek. In an interesting interview, he talked about the message of his single Muero and about his musical evolution, his desire to experiment with different styles, sounds, and vintage instruments, and about his way of dealing with success. And of course, he also performed Muero live, backed by his talented guitarist Daniel Le Maitre. By the way, I was in the audience and watched Alvaro sing Muero from close, which was a priceless experience.

Watch here again Alvaro's outstanding acoustic performance of Muero last Friday on RTL Talk Show.


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